by Josh Adams


Washington- Here are a few highlights of today’s Duke Blue Devils press conference featuring Mike Krzyzewski, Zion Willamson, R.J. Barrett and Tre Jones

  • Cam Reddish’s status for Sunday’s Elite 8 game with Michigan State is currently “A gametime decision” according to Coach K. He reiterated that “There’s nothing structurally wrong with his knee.”
  • Zion Willamson described his decision to go to Duke as a combination of playing with Barrett, Jones and Reddish and the opportunity to play for Coach K. He said of his coach, ” Coach K is the greatest. He knows how to get players better. And he’ll tell you your game like in a way you never looked at it.” When Zion was asked to expound about his answer about calling Coach K the “greatest”, Krzyzweski interjected jokingly, “I control their playing time”.
  • Tre Jones on facing Michigan State’s Cassius Winston on Sunday: “He has an extremely high I.Q. He’s a really good point guard for them. He’s a playmaker. He makes all the decisions for them. So I’m just going to try to make the game as tough as I can for him.”
  • Zion Williamson on what makes RJ Barrett a top flight player: “His ability to affect the game in multiple ways and his killer mentality.”, he continued, “In the second half he single-handedly took the game over. And his will to win. I think that’s the best thing about him. He wants to win and no matter what he has to do he’s going to do it.”
  • Williamson on getting excited to play a physical team like Michigan State on Sunday: “I’m excited for every game. But, yeah I guess you can say I’m excited about that because they’re a great team. They have a winning history. Like that’s why you come to college, to be a part of games like this.”
  • Krzyzewski on the elimination of the one and done rule and whether players like Williamson and Barrett would go straight to the NBA in that case:  “I don’t think that it’s a done deal that everyone will do that because a big thing about going to the NBA is staying in the NBA and trying to be prepared once you go in there, not just physically but emotionally.”
  • Krzyzewski on his 11 to 1 head to head record against Tom Izzo and whether he’s nervous about Izzo being “due” for a win tomorrow: “I’m too old to be nervous”

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